Thursday, November 03, 2011

Osho Quotes

Only an acceptance of both the flowers
and the thorns can bring you peace. Peace, after all, is
the fruit of total acceptance. Peace will come only to
him who is ready to accept even the absence of peace.

Meditation means surrender, total letting go.
As soon as someone surrenders himself he
finds himself in the hands of divinity. If we
cling to ourselves we cannot be one with the Almighty.
When the waves disappear, they become the ocean

If you have lived joyously, you will be ready to
welcome death too – invite her for a dance! Death is
powerful only over people who have never lived, who
don't have the courage to relax peacefully in moments
of death without any fear -- because no accident, no
disease, nothing can make even a dent in your
consciousness; you are always intact."
                       - The Hidden Splendour, Chapter #10

If people could laugh totally every day for at least one
hour, without any reason, they would not need any other
meditation. That would be enough, because while you are
laughing you cannot think. While you are laughing you
cannot be in the past, you cannot be in the future: you have
to be here now. Laughter can open a door to the ultimate.
                                                       -  Osho

In worldly activity
keep attentive between
the two breaths, and so
practising, in a few
days, be born anew.

Your attention is centred in you; your activity
continues on the circumference
                                                 - Osho

Millions of people have tried meditation and dropped
out of it because they took it very seriously. Religion has
been thought to be a very serious affair -- it is not. One
has to understand -- at least those who are with me -- that
religion is a playfulness, a laughter. Take it easy; then
things blossom without any tension. You are not taking it
easy, you are making it difficult.
                                                       - Osho